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Alma Reader

almareader - a remote reading software purchased to facilitate students and faculty and in particular for people with learning disabilities and disabilities that affect the ability to read and the learning capacity.
Alma Rider is a leader in its field and enables a high level of accuracy in reading Word and PDF documents, e-mail pages and websites while controlling the reading speed, voice type and the option to save the text played as an MP3 audio file for listening at a time and place that suits you.

The software is open for your use during the second semester. Access via university email.

Instructions for entering the Alma Reader system

Please visit

The first time you log in to the site it is necessary to open an account. You need to click on the "Register HUJI" solution

You must enter the university email address
You can choose a password, there is no need to use the university password.

The system sends a confirmation email to your inbox


After registering, login to the system using a university email and the password you have chosen.

Good luck!