Edmund J. Safra

Message board

  • The hours of practice of the programming instruction practitioner for next week have been published, the hours are listed under 'Opening hours'.


Public computing stations

The open space

52 work stations for free use until 22:00.

8 positions (502-509) with a scanner - 3 of which are of the page feeder type and the rest are standard.

There are also 8 standing stations designed for short use.


4 classrooms with a total of 99 workstations for free use while no classes are being held.

Lower floor

36 free-to-use workstations with priority for students in need of programming assistance.


Opening Hours


From the beginning of the school year until the end of August

From 1/9 until the beginning of the school year

Sun 9:45-22:00 9:45-19:00
Mon-Thu 8:45-22:00 8:45-19:00
Fri closed closed


The computer farm is closed when the university is on recess.

Regarding the opening hours during the holidays - please keep up to date with the counseling position.

Practitioner Business hours programing instruction

In light of the situation the reception hours will be made using Zoom software.

To coordinate a reception time and receive of a link to the zoom meeting, please send an email to avner.duchovni@mail.huji.ac.il 


Air Conditioning

Controlled layout and recommended temperature

Typing in Arabic at a farm in Safra

Keyboard layout

Classroom map



Booking classerooms

Lecturers and practitioners: Use a classroom booking system



You can contact the support staff directly in person or by phone in the classrooms and next to the printer by pressing the M1 button.



Access for disabled

Disabled entrance is located near parking lot No. 20.

מפת נגישות


Upon arrival at the entrance, ring the intercom.

There is also a special elevator for the disabled that connects the lower floor to the rest of the computer center as well as an accessibility table whose contents can be seen below.

מעליות קומה תחתונה

מעליות קומה עליונה


Accessibility station

In the station is a table that allows you to adjust its height as needed. To change the height, use the sign on the right:

  1. 69.5 cm
  2. 80 cm
  3. 83.5 cm
  4. 95.5 cm


The following special software is installed on the station:

  1. Zoomtext Magnifier - A program that magnifies and enhances the display of text on the screen.
  2. Kolfix - Hebrew reading software.
  3. FineReader Pro - OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software that converts PDF files, digital images and scanned images into files that can be read, edited and searched.




Air conditioning - Safra

In each work space (classrooms and open space) - there is a remote control on the wall which allows control of the intensity of the air conditioner and temperature.

pay attention!

In summer - do not raise the temperature above 25 degrees.

In winter - do not lower the temperature below 22 degrees.

Computer Classes

Classrooms map

כיתות מחשבים בספרא


Booking a class


Lecturers and teaching Assistants: please use the booking classrooms system

  • In order to log in to the booking classrooms system you`ll need to be connected to SAMBA, or to log in from a university computer.
  • You must check the classrooms schedules before booking a class.
  • If there is an issue logging in although you are connected to SAMBA, try to open the page using EXPLORER.


Schedule of frontal classrooms

Classroom 1 - pink

Classroom 4 - purple


Schedule of חברותא classrooms

Classroom 2 - olive green

Classroom 3 - blue


Schedule for teaching assistants

The teaching assistant of the programming instruction unit will be (in the hours below) in the bottom floor of the computers farm







Printing from Public Computers


The Mafil company operates “public” printers on all four University campuses at various public computing areas including computer centers, dormitories and libraries.  Both black and white and color printing is available. 

Payment is made via credit card or rechargeable print cards which can be purchased from machines located in each computer center. 


Sending Printing Jobs from public computers

Be sure to select print from the file menu (rather than press the print button).

Select the printer type:

  • Black and white duplex printing- select the BW DUPLEX printer (usually the default)
  • Single-sided black and white printing- select the “BW Simplex” printer
  • Color printing- choose COLOR printer (single-sided printing only)

Sending Printing Jobs from a private computer- Cloud printing- Print Mobile


*It is recommended to send via a public computer instead since it is the more reliable method.

Cloud printing (Print Mobile) allows you to send documents for printing to public printers by sending an email to the printer email address. The print job should be an attached file with a common format (such as tif, png, jpeg, doc, docx, PDF, etc.). Each printer has a different email address.

We recommend that you send each file separately. In order to maintain the layout and fonts, a PDF file must be sent. Do not send files larger than 20MB, of with file names longer than 30 characters.

Listed below are listed the different printer email addresses:


Mount Scopus

Black\white, one-sided ms.bw@mail.huji.ac.il

Black\white, two-sided ms.bw.duplex@mail.huji.ac.il

Color, one-sided ms.color@mail.huji.ac.il

Edmond J. Safra

Black\white, one-sided ejs.bw.sim@mail.huji.ac.il

Black\white, two-sided ejs.bw.dup@mail.huji.ac.il

Color, one-sided ejs.color@mail.huji.ac.il


Black\white, one-sided agri.bw@mail.huji.ac.il

Black\white, two-sided agri.bw.duplex@mail.huji.ac.il

Color, one-sided agri.color@mail.huji.ac.il


Black\white, one-sided Ein-Kerem.bw@mail.huji.ac.il

Black\white, two-sided Ein-Kerem.bw.duplex@mail.huji.ac.il

Color, one-sided  Ein-Kerem.color@mail.huji.ac.il

Collecting Print Jobs

Go to your desired print station.  After identifying via your public computer username or your email address select the relevant job and release it for printing.



Black and white printing- 15 agorot per page.

Double-sided black and white printing-28 agorot for both sides

Color printing- 1 NIS per page.



Instructions for working with “mafil” devices



Printing Multiple Pages on the Same Page

Select “Print-> Preferences -> Setup -> Layout” and select the number of pages you want to print on each page.

multiple pages


Merge PDF Documents/ Merge Files to a Single File for Printing


It is possible to merge multiple PDF files into one file. This method can also be used to merge many jobs that are sent for printing to one job.

1. Instead of printing directly to a printer choose Print to PDF.


merge pdf files


2. Open the program PDFSAM and select Merge




3.         Drag the files into the file list

4.         Choose your destination for your merged file by clicking "browse"

5.         Click run




Send the merged file to be printed.