Access for disabled

Disabled entrance is located near parking lot No. 20.

מפת נגישות


Upon arrival at the entrance, ring the intercom.

There is also a special elevator for the disabled that connects the lower floor to the rest of the computer center as well as an accessibility table whose contents can be seen below.

מעליות קומה תחתונה

מעליות קומה עליונה


Accessibility station

In the station is a table that allows you to adjust its height as needed. To change the height, use the sign on the right:

  1. 69.5 cm
  2. 80 cm
  3. 83.5 cm
  4. 95.5 cm


The following special software is installed on the station:

  1. Zoomtext Magnifier - A program that magnifies and enhances the display of text on the screen.
  2. Kolfix - Hebrew reading software.
  3. FineReader Pro - OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software that converts PDF files, digital images and scanned images into files that can be read, edited and searched.