Forgot password

Solution: Try to reset the password on the password reset site. If you did not succeed -

  • Students - Go to one of the computer farms with an ID card
  • Alumni - Contact the Alumni Department

I got the wrong username

Solution: send a username change form


How do I forward mail to the new address?

Solution: See instructions for forwarding mail at the following link: HUJImail Mail Forwarding

I made changes to the settings and they did not apper

Solution: After each change in the settings, scroll to the bottom of the settings page and click on the "Save changes" button

I accidentally deleted a message - can it be recovered?

Solution: Look for the message in the trash. If the message is deleted even from there it cannot be recovered. Google's recommendation is not to delete messages at all - the account size allows this.

Closing Accounts

HUJImail accounts of graduates and university retirees will remain for life

HUJImail accounts will be closed in the following cases:

  1. HUJImail accounts will be closed when students stoped before graduating
  2. Academic staff HUJImail accounts will be closed 3 years after termination of employment (before retirement) if they are not university graduates
  3. Closure due to improper use of the account - In the event of a violation of Google's terms of use or university rules (such as spamming) actions will be taken against the account owner