Open and Access

Opening an account

Students- Email accounts will open automatically for all students enrolled in the university – old as new.

Account information, Username and initial password in appendix 1 in the payment book and in the personal information website [Students from the overseas students school who do not receive a payment book will receive the account information to the current email address].

 The remaining population eligible for the account can open an account here [Note for alumni – in order to receive a personal code, you must first register on the alumni website].

University retirees are eligible for a HujiMail account – opening instructions and transferring material on the website.


Accessing the Account

To login to your email account, go to:

On your first login you will be asked to change the initial password you received with a fixed password and you will be asked to answer a verification question which you will need if you forget the password – please write down these details.


Closing Accounts

Alumni and University pensioners HujiMail accounts will remain for life.

HujiMail accounts will be closed in the following cases:

  1. HujiMail accounts will be closed when students terminate their studies without completing a degree.
  2. Academic staff HujiMail accounts will close 3 years after termination of employment (prior to retirement) if they are not university graduates.
  3. Closing due to misuse of the account. In the event of a violation of one of Google’s or the university’s bylaws (such as the prohibition of Spam distribution), actions will be taken against the account holder