Username and Password


Usernames are automatically created based on the user's English name.

  1. Format: FirstName.FamilyName
  2. Format for complex names (two first names/two surnames): FirstName-FirstName.FamilyName-FamilyName.
  3. If the name is already taken by someone else, digits will be added to the username.

If your username is incorrect due to a mistake in spelling in the university records or due to a change of name, you can request a username change by filling out the following form. A reply will be sent by email or phone.  Note that the new username will be based on the actual name you enter in the form.

Forgot Password

To set a new password you can access the following site

  1. Authenticate with your ID and your 5-digit code and answer the verification question you gave during your account's initial use.
  2. Note that the new password must be at least 8 characters long and contain digits and letters.
  3. If you are unable to reset the password through this site, you can contact one of our computer or support centers. You will need to identify with your ID card.

Change Password

There are two ways to a change password:

  1. Change a password through the following site
  2. Change while in the mailbox itself: Click on settings--> accounts--> change password