Google Drive

Google Drive provides the following services:

  • File upload using the  HujiMail web interface.
  • File synchronization from Windows, Mac, tablets and smartrphones. (similar to Dropbox).
  • File versioning of files transferred via a synchronizing application
  • Self-managed file sharing on different levels
  • Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides constitute a free, web-based office suite offered by Google and integrated with Google Drive. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users


Uploading and Downloading via HujiMail web interface

Step 1

  • Login to your HujiMail account via our login site:
  • Click the square matrix icon near your email address
  • Click on the Drive icon

לחיצה על Drive


Step 2

Click the Arrow icon to upload files or folders

העלאת קבצים


Step 3

Right click on one of the files in your drive will enable: view, download, sharing, previous versions, etc.

לחיצה ימנית על שם הקובץ


Use of Backup and Sync Program

Step 1

In the Google drive interface click on the cog and select “Get Backup and Sync for Windows”

google drive


Step 2

Select “Personal Backup and Sync” and click on Download

חשבון פרטי


Step 3

Click on “Agree and download”

אישור הסכם


Step 4

Click on “Close” to finish the installation

סיום התקנה


Step 5

Open the program by clicking on the start icon and typing Backup and Sync

פתיחת התוכנה


Step 6

Click on “Get started”

תחילת הרשמה


Step 7

On the bottom part of the screen click on “Sign in with your browser instead”

התחברות לחשבון


Step 8

Enter your full E-mail and click on next

המשך התחברות


Step 9

Enter your full Email and password, and then click on next

המשך התחברות


Step 10

Click on “Allow”

מתן הרשאות


Step 11

Now you will see the confirmation message. Close it and go back to the program.

סיום הרשמה


Step 12

Click on “Got it”

בחירת תיקיות


Step 13

Select the folders you want to Back up from your computer. If you have additional folders click on “Change” and select them

סיום בחירת תיקיות


Step 14

Click on “Got it”

המשך סנכרון


Step 15

Select if you want to sync your Google Drive to your computer.  Choose everything or specific folders and click on Start

המשך סנכרון


Step 16

A window will pop that the syncing has started

סיום הגדרה