Forgot password

Solution: Try to reset password on the password reset site. If you did not succeed:

  • Students - Go to one of the computer centers  and present your ID card
  • Alumni- Contact the Alumni association


My username has errors in spelling

Solution: Submit a request to the change username site.


I received an account closure notice. How do I forward my mail to the new address?

Solution: See instructions for migrating new, old, and contact mail at the following link: Forwarding mail in HujiMail


I made changes to the settings and they were not saved

Solution: After each change in settings scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and click the button: Save Changes


 I accidentally deleted a message - can I recover it?

Solution: Look for the message in the trash. If the message is also deleted from the trash it cannot be restored. Google recommends not deleting messages at all - the box's volume allows this.


Account Closures

HujiMail accounts of  university alumni and pensioners remain opened  for life.
HujiMail accounts will be closed in the following cases:

  • HujiMail accounts will be closed when students terminate their studies before graduating.
  • HujiMail accounts of academic staff who are not university alumni will have their account closed 3 years after termination of employment.
  • Closure due to improper use of your account – Actions will be taken against users who violate Google's  or the University's rules of use.