Change Password


Password change in computer farm accounts and Savion Email:

  • It is recommended to change your password every three months. You will receive an email alert reminding you to change your password on time. The password can be changed through our website:
  • The new password cannot be the same as one of the last five passwords.
  • CS users do not need to change their password through this system but through local support.

Reset Password

There are two ways to reset a password if you forget:

  • Manual reset - You can reset the password yourself through any computer connected to the network. Enter the website:, click on: Username and password recovery. Enter your firt 8 digits ID number and your personal code.
  • Reset through technical support - Call the support team (02-5883450) to reset a password. You will be required to provide the telephone number and answer a verification question as entered at registration. You will then be granted temporary access and a new password can be set through our site:

Password rules:

  1. The password is key sensitive (A a)
  2. Minimum number of characters: 8.
  3. Maximum number of characters: 32.
  4. Password cannot contain part of your name or username (Login Name)
  5. Do not use words from a dictionary or consecutive characters.
  6. Contains at least three of the four character types below:

Uppercase English letters (A-Z)

Lowercase English letters (a-z)

Digits (0-9)

Other characters (e.g., #, $, etc.)