Installing Adobe Creative Cloud Programs Including Individual Installations of Photoshop and Adobe Acrobat



  • Make sure your computer is connected to the internet during the installation
  • The Adobe Acrobat license allows for installation on ONE COMPUTER ONLY.
  • Your license allows to install your Adobe Creative Cloud software on a second computer, as long as you are not logged into your Creative Cloud ID on the first computer
  • Uninstall all older copies of Adobe Acrobat before installation
  • IMPORTANT: Your account is associated with the exact email address that you supplied the microshop. This exact address is your Creative Cloud ID
  • Do NOT INSTALL TRIAL software. If the package you purchased appears as trial, please veify with the Microshop that your order was registered properly and that you are using the correct Cloud ID
  • Users with the Macintosh's with  M1 chip should download their installation file from this link


Step 1

  • You will receive this email
  • Click Get Started
  • Or go to http:\\ and press Sign in


Step 2

  • Enter the email address that the message in Step 1 was sent to
  • Enter your Adobe password.
  • Click Sign in and go to step 8.
  • If don't know your password Forgot password and conintue to the next step.
  • Your Adobe Id is the exact email address that the message in step 1 was sent to. Enter this email address.
  • Click Next.

sign in

Step 3

  • You will receive an email from Adobe with a code for resetting your password.
  • Enter the code.


Step 4

Enter a new password and confirm


Step 5

Click on Continue


Step 6

Click on Accept and Continue


Step 7


  • You can add a mobile phone number as a second method for recovering a forgotten password.
  • Enter Not now if you wish to do it later.


mobile phone

Step 8

Click Open Creative Cloud


Step 9

Click Install Creative Cloud App


Step 10


  • The Creative Cloud Installation will begin to download
  • Open the file after it completes downloading


Step 11

Click on Continue


Step 12

Click Start Installing


Step 13

Wait for the Creative Cloud to finish installing


Step 14

  • Applications that are available according to your susbscription will appear with a Install or Open button.
  • Press Install


Step 15

To install additonal applications later press on the Adobe Creative Cloud Icon on your desktop



Installing CC on a Second Computer


Your license allows to install your Adobe Creative Cloud software on a second computer, as long as you are not logged into your creative cloud ID on the first computer.

To install software on a second computer go to

Step 1

  • Click SIGN IN
  • Sign into your account, using the exact email address you used in the beginning of these instructions
  • Continue with Step 10 above