Instructions for daylight saving time



Nearest changing time:

    Clock start: March 29, 2019 at 02:00 (Friday before last Sunday in March)
    End of the clock: October 29, 2019 at 02:00 (last Sunday in October)

Daylight Saving Time dates as planned for subsequent years (in accordance with the Revised Summer Time Law, as of July 8, 2013):

    2019 - between March 29 and October 27
    2020 - between March 27 and October 25
    2021 - between 26 March and 31 October
    2022 - Between 25 March and 30 October
    2023 - Between 24 March and 29 October
The latest information and legislative changes are reported on the Ministry of the Interior website.

Change the clock setting in Windows
Daylight savings auto-update is included in the Microsoft updates. Be sure to update your system using Windows update.

You should verify that the latest Microsoft update has been installed on the computers.
You can verify this by clicking on the clock -> Change date and time settings. Below the time zone, should be mentioned  when the daylight savings should end. The start date should match the dates shown in the table above.
Otherwise, you can download this update from Microsoft at: Microsoft DST support center.

If there are still disruptions in the hours (perhaps because the smartphones were not updated?) There is a tool for fixing the dates of the meetings.
The Microsoft Time Zone Data Update Tool can be run only after the update has been installed on the computer.
Here's the link to a tool that fixes meeting times:

    Time zone update tool for Outlook 2010 x64
    There is no version for Outlook 2013.

Change clock settings on smartphones
It is important to emphasize that failure to perform the following activities disrupts the meeting time and also helps scheduling the computers in the office.
Also, remember to record the meeting time next to the subject verbatim when you summon the meeting title.
After October 27, 2013, the clocks in the devices can be returned to the automatic winter / summer time zone and Israel Time Zone.
Google Android

On Android devices, switching to Daylight Saving Time is automatic if the operating system is updated in 2013 or later.
Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
For iOS devices, make sure your operating system is up to 7.1.2 or higher.
Change clock settings OSX
The system should be updated to at least 10.6.8
From this version forward regular system updates also updates the clock.


Change clock settings in linux

Most Linux distributions will receive this update in the operating system updates.


SuSE clock settings comply with Israeli law provided that regular updates are made to the operating system, especially the timezone package. This can be checked according to the following instructions:


debian / ubuntu

The clock settings in these systems match (as of September 2013) the law in Israel. Make sure the tzdata version is at least 2013d.



In older systems, you can follow the instructions below: