Extra Services

The Division for Computation provides its clients with a wide variety of computing services including secure internet services, email services for students academic and administrative staff, computer support services, software and applications, computer protection services and other services including: 

Telephone and Cellphones Usage for University Staff

Academic Calendar

Sending Large Files

File Stroage

Telephone and Cellphones usage for University Staff

Phone service at the Hebrew University

The Telephony department provides many services including, installing and replacing phone lines, providing special services such as voice mail and changing phone line names.


Free services: Change of username, change of service level, change of program, etc.

Paid services: (prices include VAT):

Type of Service Price  
Panasonic Cordless phone KX-TG6811 270 NS  

Panasonic Cordless phone KX-TG6713

420 NS Base + 2
Falcon Telephone 5030 220 NS  
YEALINK IP Telephone T21P 280 NS Requires phone and communications ports
YEALINK IP Telephone T46G 753 NS Requires an electrical outlet and a communications port
Ofek Telephone 616 NS Refurbished
Moving an internal line 90 NS  
Installation of an internal line 130 NS  


The Telephony call center handles the sale of phone devices and equipment along with the repair of internal phone lines.

For service fill out a request form send  email to: telephony@savion.huji.ac.il


For additional information call: 026584006 or 026584777 between 8:00 and 15:00 

For direct phone lines (non-University lines) call Tamar Arbeli-Nissan: 026584217, between 9:00 and 13:00


Blocked services

The University’s phone system blocks certain phone numbers such as telegrams and numbers starting with 1212.

Some blocked numbers can be released upon request, without any charge (for example international calls). IP phones can dial 1-700 or 1-800 numbers directly, but those with non-IP phones need to prefix these numbers with the local city area code.  (02 for Jerusalem, 08 for Rehovot).


The Switchboard

The Hebrew University's switchboard operates between 8:00  and 16:00

The switchboard number is 02658111

The University switchboard provides information on internal phone numbers. For information about external numbers use the Bezek site:


Dial/search telephone number service by saying a name

There is no need to look for phone numbers or wait for the switchboard:

  • Call 02-6584444 from any phone or abbreviated dialing 84444 from your University office or mobile phone.
  • Say the requested name (first name and last name) and the system will automatically connect you to your number. (The service is available to extensions and mobiles that appear in the university phone book.)


Caller-ID to Outside Phone Lines.

The University uses multiple phone line providers and therefore the number seen by the people outside the University is dependent upon the destination of the call. The only official number is a bezeq number. The others are “temporary numbers” that enable the recipient of the call to dial back.  Do not make these numbers public, they could change and became irrelevant.


The University's official Bezeq numbers:

Edmond J. Safra Campus:  02-6584000-02-6586999

02-5494xxx; from the office dial 94xxx

 Mount Scopus Campus: 02-5880000   -  02-5883999


   Ein-Kerem Campus: 02-6757000 - 02-6758999

   Rehovot Campus:  08-9489xxx

   Beth Dagan Veterinary School     03-96885xx (internal number 805xx)

   Eilat Sea Research Lab 08-63601xx


Academic Calendar

Adding an Academic Calendar to a Personal Calendar

It is possible to add an Academic Calendar, to your own personal university Calendar whether your account is on EKMD, HUJImail  or Savion. This is possible whether you read your email via Outlook client, a browser or mobile phone.

Adding a calendar in Outlook or in an E-mail interface on a browser will add the calendar to the mobile device (phone or tablet), where the E-mail account is set. This is valid also for the Mac’s calendar program.


Adding a calendar to Outlook-Savion- Outlook client

Adding a calendar to – Hujimail

Adding a calendar via browser – Savion\EKMD

Adding a calendar to your mobile phone


Adding a calendar to Outlook-Savion- Outlook client

Step 1

 Enter calendar

Step 2

 In Office 2016 in the toolbar under ‘Home’, click on ‘Add’ and then ‘Open Shared Calendar’ in the above menu.

Step 3

 Write “huji academic calendar” and press OK. The Academic Calendar will be added as an extra calendar to the existing one.

Step 4

In order to view the personal calendar and the Academic calendar at the same time, right click on the tab of the Academic calendar choose ‘overlay’ view.


Adding a calendar to – HujiMail

Step 1

  •  Enter your Hujimail account via the website.
  • Under the account’s page, press on the symbol of squares and choose ‘Calendar’ (like in the following picture).

כניסה ליומן דרך הדפדפן

Step 2

 Choose other calendars, Press + , and choose subscribe to a calendar. Enter the following address: huji-calendar@mail.huji.ac.il and press Enter. The diary will be added to Outlook, as well to all mobile devices (phone or tablet) which are synchronized with your Hujimail account.

הקלדת כתובת היומן

For Android users, please see instructions in “Adding a diary to your mobile phone”.                                                                                                                                                         


Adding a calendar via browser – Savion\EKMD

Step 1

  •  Enter your account via the website
  • Click on the Calender icon at the bottom of the screen

יומן אוניברסיטאי

Step 2

Click on Import calendar

הוספת יומן

Step 3

Choose From directory option

הוספת יומן

Step 4

In the field, enter the calendar name huaccal and then click on HUJI Academic Calendar

הוספת יומן

Step 5

Click on Add. The calendar has now been added to the calendar list

הוספת יומן

Sending Large Files

Filesender is a network service designed to help users deal with the problem of sending large files.

With this service you can send and download files of unlimited size. (The limit is the disk space of the server itself!)


Step 1

התחברות לאתר

Step 2

  •  Identify:
  • Username: 8 digit ID number (without control digit) Password: 4/5 digit personal code
  • Or alternatively
  • Your full HUJImail or Savion email address and password



Step 3

  •  To: Enter the email addresses of the recipients. Separate, multiple addresses with a comma.
  •  Expiry date: Select an expiration date for the file on the server
  • Maximum time - two months
  •  File to Upload: Select the file you wish to share.
  • If you want to upload multiple files, group them into a single zip file.
  •  Mark: I accept the terms and conditions ...
  • Click Send

העלאת הקובץ


Step 4

 After you upload the file, you and your recipients will receive an email with a link to the file.


Send a Guest Voucher

In order to receive a large file from a non-university user it is possible to send a Guest Voucher. Upon receipt of the voucher the user will be able upload a large file to filesender.

Step 1

התחברות לאתר

Step 2: Identify

  •  Username: ID number with no control digit Password: 4/5 personal code
  •  Or alternatively
  • Your full HUJImail or Savion email address and password



Step 3

Click on Guest Voucher


Step 4

  •  Send Vouchers to: Fill in the email address of the recipient.
  •  Click on Send Voucher

שליחת ואוצ'ר

Step 5

An email will be sent to you and the recipient with a link to the Voucher.

File Storage

Active Directory

Each student and staff member (academic or administrative) at the university is entitled to an Active Directory (AD) account   This account can be used to access public computers or office computers which sit on the domain.  Each student account holder receives a personal drive with 500 MB of backed up disk space. Each staff member receives a personal drive with 5Gb backed up disk space. This space is found in drives K or H or J on public computers or domain office computers.

You work with regularly from this drive. The files are backed up and there is version management of files.


Google Drive

Google Drive is Google's cloud service and it allows you to store files on Google's servers. The service is open to faculty, active student, graduates and the pensioners of the Hebrew University.

  • Google Drive is linked to your university Google email.  For information on your university Google email.  Storage space is unlimited, as opposed to a private Google Accounts, which limit storage to 15 GB.
  • You can view the files and manage the drive through the mail.huji site or through  software that can be downloaded to your computer.
  • You can share files with other mail accounts.

Accessing Google Drive through the web interface

Software installation instructions