Instructions for Connecting to the Virtual Machine -



In the summer of 2020, an upgraded system for work from home was launched for administrative staff and students.

The system simulates a virtual machine with a work environment suitable for the staff (administrative software) or students (with the same applications installed on public computers).

The system replaces the Corona system established in March 2020 for staff and the MyDesktop system used by students.It allows for access of personal network drives, shared drives and software required for administrative staff and students.

Alternatively, administrative staff can access each service individually. For more information click here.

Connecting to MyPlace 

Before connecting to MyPlace one most first connect to the University networking via the Rumba VPN  service (recommended) or through installation and connection to Samba VPN  Administrative staff are required to authenticate with a onetime password generator.  For those who do not have a one-time password generator, they can obtain a one time password via sms.

You can connect to via a browser or install a one-time VMware Client software that may be more convenient and solves resolution problems.

Connect to through the browser

Login with Vmware Horizon Client software

Instructions for use for Administrative Staff

To enter the MyPlace  site you will be asked to provide  a username and password. Please enter your Savion username (not the entire address, only the part before the @) and password.

After logging in, you will receive a computer screen similar to the one pictured below. You can use any of the software or use additonal software in the MagicXpa folder.

Please note Rakefet or Humble users, before first time use,  please run the file called "First Use Powerterm" . It is found in programs bar  found by pressing on the windows icon on the bottom left corner of the screen or you can search for it.

MyPlace terminal


Viewing EKMD Personal and Shared Drives

1)  If you wish to view a EKMD drive click on the desktop icon



If requested enter your EKMD username and password, otherwise go to Step 2

2)  Open File Explorer using the yellow folder icon at the bottom of the screen




Or right-click on the computer icon in the corner of the screen, select File Explorer


3) In the window you receive, select This PC and you will see the mapping to the personal and departmental drives linked to the username you entered.





The recommended way to work with MyPlace

Login instructions page according to the Best Practice that the Computing Division recommends.

This approach enables work on university software and systems without the need for the network traffic of the personal computer to pass through the university network.

Login to the Rumba system:

Navigate to the website from the browser.

Please enter %RA username on next page

Rumba Username Page

Please enter the password of the %RA user or the OTP

Rumba Password Page

Once logged in the next page will appear

rumba after login page OTP

Now select the gear that appears on the right side of the top bar

rumba top bar with settings icon

The window that opens will allow us to choose between two options which will set the default for the work method

Option One: VMware Horizon Client (Best Practice)

Second option: HTML 5 (working through the browser)

Rumba default open selection page

Installing VMware Horizon Client:

*The client installation is a one-time operation that is performed only at the initial login in this method, then the connection is normal.

The software must be downloaded, either from the link that appears on the previous page under "Here" or from the next link!

On the page you navigate to, select the desired operating system Windows, MacOS or Linux by clicking the "Go To Downloads" button next to the desired operating system

VMware Horizon Client Download page

After the selection you will be taken to the next download page, here we click on Download Now and wait for the download to end

download page after os selection

Once the download is complete, navigate to the Downloads folder on your computer (or where you requested the file to be saved if you chose to do so), where a file will appear at the beginning with the following caption:

VMware-Horizon-Client - must be run by Double Click

VMware Downloaded File Location

On startup the next window appears, click on the "Agree & Install"

VMware Client Installation

When the installation is complete, the next page will appear. Click Finish

VMware Finished Installation

Now the computer will ask us to boot to the computer, if you have open files that you want to save select the option of "Restart Later" Save the files and then boot the computer.

If not, click on the "Restart Now" button

After Installation Restart Requested

Login to the MyPlace Environment:

We will connect to the system with the username and password of the %RA

And in the page that opens select MyPlace

rumba after login page OTP

After clicking, the following login window will appear:

Under Username, enter the public computers username:

- For students: User login for the computer farms

For administrative staff: Savion user without the what appears after the @ sign

Instructions for finding the username or password recovery can be found under AD Account Instructions

Under Password Please enter the password associated with the account

And in the part of the Domain you must enter CC. If you are from Ein Kerem campus and do not have a CC account, you must fill in EKMD in the line of the Domain

*Importantly, the only difference between the two domains is the connection to the user's personal drives

*Tip - If this is your personal computer, you can allow the browser to save the username and password, thus saving time in the next login


MyPlace login screen

We will then receive the station designated for us

All students will see the following connections:

Atlas ti poolFarms PoolLinux Pool

Students on Mount Scopus will also see the following connection:

IVC Pool

Students on Rehovot will also see the following connection:

Agri Farm Pool

Administrative staff will see the following connection:

Minhali Pool

Clicking on the desired connection will connect your computer to the desired station


Connecting to using a browser

Using a browser, access the following address:

Login to the system

In the window that opens, select VMware Horizon HTML Access


In the window that opens, enter the login details as you connect to the public computers at the university. Add CC\ before your username (CC\username)


Select Desktop

The desktops you can connect to will now appear, please select the one you want

  • Students: Farms


  • Administrative staff: Minhali


Clicking will connect to the remote computer!

Connecting with VMware Horizon Client software

To install VMware Horizon Client software go to the following URL:
In the window that opens, select the Install VMware Horizon Client option


In the window that opens, select the Go To Downloads option - in the line of VMware Horizon Client for Windows

Client can also be downloaded to other operating systems.


After clicking, you will be taken to the following window:

Click Download Now


After installing the downloaded file and running it, the following window will appear:

Click on Agree & Install (of course it is recommended to read the terms before agreeing)


Now the installation will start and you have to wait for it to finish

When the message Success appears, click Finish


And select the Restart Now option


Connecting to the system through the Client

The software should be run through the VMware Horizon Client icon that appears on the desktop

  • Do not forget to connect to Samba


The following window will open:

Click on New Server


 Enter and click Connect


You will now be asked to enter identification

You must enter CC\ before the username

For students: Enter the username and password as connected at the computer farm.
For administrative staff: The Savyon username and password must be entered

for further information about the identification credntial click here.


Desktop selection

For students: Farms

Adminestrative staff: Minhali


In the window that appears, select the desired desktop, clicking on it will take you to the remote computer.

To add the local drive to the station, follow the instructions here: Add the local drive to the Myplace station (only in connection with the client)