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SMS Password

creating a One Time Password for SAMBA using an SMS

There are services that are closed for Samba-VPN access unless you login using an OTP password.

For the Hebrew University administrative staff who don't own an OTP card and need those services, we've opened a temporary service for generating a One Time Password for logging into Samba through SMS.

1. To get the password click on the following link.

2. Insert ID number and full Email adress (Savion or Mail Huji) and then click on "Send password to mobile phone".


3. If you own an OTP you will recieve the following message:


Otherwise, If the identification process goes through, the code will be sent via SMS to the primary cellphone number registered in the university.


4. If you get an Error message, follow the instructions written on the screen (Open an RA account, update a phone number or contact the support center).