Connecting via Wireless

Wireless Access within the University

Wireless communication, also called Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) -

The University has many access points that allow access to three main wireless networks:

  • HUJI-Guest – An open network for guests (does not allow access to databases)
  • Eduroam - An international project that allows access to networks in all universities with a university user name and password (instructions for opening a RA account).
  • HUJI-Dorm – An open network that is available in some dorms.

Supported Services

Installation Instructions

Today most public areas have Wi-Fi coverage, including many classrooms and halls. It is a prioty of the university to add new access points. 

The decision where to add new points is a factor of demand, teaching and research needs, as well as the constraints resulting from physical structure.  You are welcomed to contact us to clarify points of access or raise the need for better access. Please specify the exact place where you encountered difficulty and we will be happy to provide a response about future plans.