The Rumba service has replaced the old Samba service.

It is recommended to work without downloading the client, except for exceptions.


Enter the site

Enter your RA username with the format username%ra and click on Logon

Rumba Login Screen


Enter either your RA password or OTP password. Click on Logon

Rumba Login password screen


Every user will receive a slightly different windows, depending on the privileges of your username.

Rumba screen after login

Connecting to MyPlace – Administrative Staff and Students

MyPlace is a virtual terminal that allows administrative staff to access administrative software and for students to remotely access all software found on public computers with ease. It is recommended using the Rumba service instead of the VPN client since it uses fewer computer and internet resources.

Click on the MyPlace icon.

Myplace icon


A window will open for entering details. Under username enter your Savion username if you work at the University or the public computers account if you are a student.  Under password enter your password and under domain enter CC. When finished, click Logon.

MyPlace  Authentication Screen

Please notice that the Icon has changed to Minhali or Farms.  Please click on it.

MInhali icon


You are now connected to the virtual terminal with all the necessary software to work from home, including CC shared drives.

EKMD users can click on "EKMD Drive Mapping" . After entering your EKMD code and password you will see your EKMD drives on My Computer.

To exit your virtual terminal simply close your browser. For more information on MyPlace 

 For more information on working with EKMD drives from home, click here

Rumba- Working with a Client

The Rumba client can be used in place of the Samba client to  perform all operations that require a VPN client (for example working on a SAP GUI installed on your computer),

To use click on VPN Client.

  vpn client

Click Download and start installing the software.

At the end of the installation, return to the Rumba website and click on VPN Client again.

Once clicked, a window will pop up asking you if you want to open the software. Click on Open F5 Networks VPN

rumba client



Wait for the connection process to finish. You will see a green Connect message when you are successful. 

When you have finished working, press the Disconnect button.

rumba client connected

Recorded Instructions for Connecting via Rumba for Administrative Staff