LAN Connection

Connection to the internet on campus and dorms depends on the type of connection:

1. Wi-Fi (wireless connection) – when a wireless network exists in the area

2. LAN connection (a wire between the computer and a port in the wall )

LAN Connection

Computers of the staff in offices and meeting rooms are connected to a LAN network.

At computer centers, labs , at public spaces and computer farms, are connected using ethernet cables to the LAN network.

On the campus area, libraries and some dorms there are possibilities to connect to the LAN network using an ethernet cable to connect a private computer. An user name and password are needed for identification .

Connection at the Office

In order to connect a computer in an office (situated in campus) you have to check the followings :

1. The computer has to have a proper operating system and to be suitable for the network.

2. There is a communication port available and active. For that you need that the computer coordinator and the communication team to check the port. If there isn’t an available port, the computer coordinator has to check the possibilities to create a new port (it depends on technical conditions as space, possibility to add a port and also if there is a budget for a new port).

If a new port is needed, the computer coordinator will fill in a form to order it and will send it to the communication team.

The connection of a computer to a new port has to be done by the computer coordinator in collaboration with the communication team. The same procedure is required anytime you change the computer connected to a certain port .

The network of the university requires that a computer will work only connected to a certain port . Any change of the computer or the place of the computer has to be defined anew in the network . That is the job of the computer coordinator in collaboration with the communication team.

Public communication ports and LAN communication ports at the dorms

There are a lot of such ports where is possible to connect a laptop with an Ethernet cable.

In order to connect to these ports you need to create a RA account.

After creating a RA account, follow the relevant guide according to your operating system