Working from Home, University Staff and Students

Rumba - a new VPN service that allows access to all services and is  easier to than Samba.           For more information

MyPlace - a virtual computer system that allows to conveniently work from home.  The system has installed software needed by students, administrative and academic staff - and allows for  access to drives from home.

The system replaces the Corona systems (which we opened in March 2020) and the old MyDesktop.      For more information


Instructions for Use

1.  Connect via the the site:

2.  Choose in MyPlace  and connect using your CC or EKMD account

3.  Administrative staff should choose the Minhali desktop

The service does not require any prior installation to run administrative programs, to access personal and shared network drives or to remotely access a university computer.

Rumba does not overload the network and provides a secure work environment with fewer disconnections.



Programs that can be Accessed from Home without VPN - 



Teams discussion groups 

 Access to Databases  via OpenAthens 

SAP Portal




Online teaching and learning:

  • Connecting to Moodle- Information and guides appear on the Moodle homepage.
  • Information for lecturers  and question and answer forum (in hebrew)
  • Information for students in the Moodle course number 129.
  • Accessibility - Alma-Reader -University oral reading software that reads both in Hebrew and in English. -  Orally reads WORD and PDF documents, email messages and websites while allowing for the control of reading speed and voice type.  It provides an option to save text as a MP3 audio file for future listening.