Public Computing computing


All four university campuses have public computer centers built with contributions from Berl and Agnes Ginges.

The centers are designed to give computer access to individual students, lecturers and staff and provide areas for conferences, classes and independent work.

The computer stations are equipped with advanced hardware and software, high-speed internet, access to a personal network drive for document storage, systems for efficient routing of print jobs, and scanning and burning services.

The centers consultants are available to support users during operational hours and are assisted by a computerized system for remote assistance to every campus station.


Opening hours, distribution of stations and other services

Edmond J. Safra Campus | Ein-Karem Campus | Mount Scopus Campus | Rehovot Campus

Make sure you have not forgotten any personal equipment in the computer's farm. Forgotten equipment can be found at the consulting booth or at campus security.


Central farm and Social sciences farm on Mount Scopus campus Sun- 9:00-19:00, Mon-Thu 8:00-19:00

Computer farm on Edmond Safra campus Sun- 9:45-19:00,  Mon-Thu- 8:45-19:00

Computer farm on Ein Karem campus Sun-Thu- 8:00-19:00


Opening hours during the within exams period  next 2 weeks

Entry Code to Public Computers (AD\CC)

AD\CC accounts are used to log on to public computers and access personal files.

Additional information | Opening an account and resetting an AD password 


Working from Home on Farm's Software Two new services August 2020

The Hebrew University students can connect from home (or even form the lawn :)) to public computers using the software installed on them.

Additional  information on remote connection to public computers


Save and Access Files 

After every reset, boot or failure the public computer resets, so you should save your personal files on your personal drive only.

Additional information about saving files | [For old EKMD accounts- Access to personal folder on campus and at home]



You can send print jobs from public stations or from your PC (cloud printing). For more information


Policy on Using the Center's Computers

  1. The computer workstations are for academic purposes only.  A student who uses the center's computers for non-academic purposes will vacate if he is asked to do so by the conter's staff.
  2. Using a fellow student's card or password is strictly forbidden.
  3. Bringing in food and drinks into the computer center area is strictly prohibited.
  4. Students must follow the instructions of the security team and the support team
  5. Please keep the computer centers clean.
  6. Be careful not to damage the computer center's equipment.
  7. Smoking in the computer center is strictly prohibited
  8. The use of cell phones in quiet classrooms is strictly prohibited.
  9. In addition, the use of computers and other equipment in the farm is subject to the rules of computer resource usage at the university.