HujiMail is a Gmail email address with a university UPN. HujiMail is for the use of students, graduates, university staff and pensioners.

The service is provided by Google and it is subject to changes of their terms of service.

All official university correspondences and general messages from the student administration and class secretaries to students and academic faculty will be sent to this email address only.

The format of the email address is:

Entering my HujiMail account


Create an account

Students – Email accounts are opened automatically for all new students upon acceptance to the university.  After graduation, the account becomes permanent.

(Accounts of students who leave the University before graduation will be disabled.)

The details of the account, user name and initial password, is sent to your private Email and appear in the personal information website.

Details of the account will also be sent to the email address which was defined during registration.

Academic staff- HujiMail accounts are opened automatically for new academic staff.  Opening an account is possible also in the open account website.

Alumni are eligible for a permanent account. Alumni from early years can click here to open an account. To open account they will need to first register in  the alumni website in order to obtain a personal code.

Academic Pensioners: Accounts will remain active upon retirement.

Administrative Pensioners can open an account close to their retirement date. Instructions for opening and account and migration of Savion data can be found by clicking here.


Access to the Account

In order to log in to the account, enter the site:

Upon initial access, you will be required to change your password.  You will also be required to answer an authentication question which will be used if you forget your password. Write down these details.


Reset Username and Password

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