Additional Services Available to those with a University Budget


Basket of Services - October 2022

The Division for Computation provides a complimentary basket of services to the university community.  This document lists additional computing services provided by the Division for Computation upon payment and coordination with the division. Payment for these services requires an internal budgetary transfer.

1. Virtual Servers

The price of a virtual server is 800 NS until the end of September and then every budget year.

Policy: The division will set up and host virtual servers for administrative and research needs. Servers used for research work will be set up and hosted in the computer science research cloud.

Requirements: Compliance of threshold conditions for information security, including, independent updating of operating systems as soon as updates are available on the network.

The service provides: A server which is backed up in configuration of 2core/up to 80G disc/8G memory in an air-conditioned and secure server room, 2 power supplies, one of which is connected to an uninterruptible power supply, communication connection, access and basic monitoring via VMWARE and through Remote Desktop on Windows-based servers and through SSH on Linux servers, full daily backup, machine recovery and operating system (excluding licensing).

Addons available at an additional price 

Additional processors/memory: Will be charged as a multiple of the price charged for a basic server.

Additional diskspace will by charged as needed according to our storage price scale.  Software licensing including operating systems, antivirus when needed – will be pre-paid via the Microshop.

System administrator hours can be purchased for managing and updating an operating system.  (Excludes licensing payment if required). Up to 4 hours annually per server 400 NIS. Each additional hour or part of an hour will cost 170 NIS. Servers which are not updated regularly by its administrator or by the Computing Division will be disconnected from network.

2 Personal and Departmental Network Storage including Daily Backup  (AD/HomeDir)

Administrative and academic staff members are provided with cloud disk space free of charge from Microsoft (1T) and Google (5T). Recovery and backup policies are set by Microsoft and Google accordingly.

Important: All administrative documents should be saved on a central university server undergoing a daily backup:

AD/HomeDir: Members of the university community receive complimentary disk space according to the following scale: 5GB students, 10GB staff members , 100GB for a department.
(Ein Karem users: research students, administration workers and laboratory workers 20GB, Senior Academic Staff 25GB, Research Laboratory 100GB)

Additional disk space can be obtained in increments of 250, 500 and 1000 GB. 

Price per budget year: Up to 250 GB- 300 NIS, up to 500 GB- 550 NIS, up to 1 TB – 1000 NIS. 

Requirements:  All files requiring a backup must be placed on the network drive.

This service provides:  Storage with a daily backup, access from any computer in the domain,  recovery capability for previous versions.

3. Support Services

Services provided free of charge

Basic computer services are provided by our customer service department  free of charge. This includes: Opening accounts, resetting passwords, assistance in connecting to university networks and applications, and answering questions regarding malfunctions in university computing services.

For wider support, including any service requiring a visit such as formatting disks, help with operating systems,  diagonosis of hardware problems, virus cleanup, installation of new software and peripherals, installing new computers one needs to contact a departmental computer coordinator.

The customer service department does provide computing coordinators on an hourly basis.

We do not supply any service that requires the dismantling of hardware. In this case please contact the provider of your service warranty or a private technician.

Computer support services provided at an hourly rate

For any need not covered by the support center, you can arrange service from a coordinator from our support  center .  Service can be provided in person or remotely.  The following services are available:

Software Installations, virus cleanup, fixing and updating operating systems, setting up of peripherals, installing new computers, identifying hardware problems, coordinating with the suppliers when dealing with hardware problems, special projects, accompanying conferences. The visit must be arranged in advance with the customer service department.

The charge will be calculated on an hourly basis with a minimum of 1 hour per visit (Don't worry, we'll never charge for a short answer). The price varies by support type.  For every hour (or part of an hour) of system administrator, communication technician, or multimedia work- 170 NIS    Computing coordinator -120 NIS.


Departmental Computing Coordinator Services on a Annual Basis

Departments can arrange for a bank of hours in varying volumes according to the department's needs (In 10-hour units) with a 70 hour monthly limit. The basket resets at the end of each  budget year.

Requirements: Annual payment, coordinated service framework with customer service department. Customer locations included in the basket and customers who are allowed to request this service should be designated.

The service provides:   Computing coordinators including office visits when necessary, handling of operating system problems, software and peripheral Installations, virus cleanup, new PC installations, transfers from old computers, identifying hardware problems, assistance with IT purchasing, special projects, escorting outside IT suppliers and technicians. The coordinator will make technological recommendations to improve the IT use in the department.

The service will be provided by one of our computer coordinators remotely or in person, as needed and by prior reservation. We do not obligate to send the same coordinator each visit.

Billing will be calculated using our service desk program. We generate reports regularly.

Pricing: 100 Nis per hour * average weekly hours preset* 52 weeks a year.  Alternatively, a basket of hours can also be purchased in 10-hour multiples. 1000 Nis for 10 hours. These hours can be used has needed. Should there be a significant deviation from the agreed scope a change in the framework might be required.  This must be done in advance.

Addons: A different basket can be arranged in terms of time period, number of hours or hourly pricing of a permanent support person.  These terms must be made in advance.

4. Networking Installations

Requests for a quote for networking installations  should be directed to  Alex Uritsky by email  All work  will need to be scheduled  with the department in advance.

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5. Telephony 

The Computing Department is responsible for all aspects of telephones at the Hebrew University.  This includes  phone sales, installation and transfering of phone lines, special services such as voice mail.  The following services are exempt from payment: Changing subscription names, changes in service level, and on going maintenance.

For a full pricelist click here

6. Printing Services for Students on the Computer Farm


Black and White Laser Printers: 15 agorot per page

Color Laser Printers: 1 Nis per page

Duplex Black and White Laser Printers: 15 agorot for the first party and 13 agorot for the other side.

7. Software Licensing – Microshop

The Microshop is a virtual store for staff. Through the Microshop staff can purchase, license and download software.

Purchases can only be made using our computerized system and with a university budget.

To enter the Microshop click here

Access to the system is possible within the university network including via  Rumba VPN.  To access the system you will need your ID number and 5 digit personal code or OTP password.  Payment requires an authorized university budget. Upon payment the purchaser  will receive an email with links to the software and installation instructions. If the software is intended for use by different departmenal employee or student,  the purchaser will need to forward this email to the intended software user.  The budget must contain funds.

Link to an updated price list.

The use of the software is intended for academic and administrative needs only and should be directly related to the role of the university employee.

Hadassah doctors with academic subscriptions at the university may order software through the Microshop. Software prices include overhead for converting a Hadassah budget to a university budget (25%). The price list is published on the Divisions website. 

Hadassah doctors with academic subscriptions

8.  Purchasing an OTP Card

A password generator card generates a one-time password and displays the password on the card display.

The card will be usable only after the association process.  The card is personal and non-transferable.

For more details about the card, visit the OTP Card page

The price of the card is NIS 400 by budget transfer only. You can arrange the purchase of a password generator from Tamar Arbeli.  Phone - 02-6584217.