Password Generator Card (OTP)

OTP is a One Time Password card which is useded to acesss secured systems at the university.

The card generates and displays a frequently changing one-time password.

The card is personal and can not be transferred. The card can be used only after the registration and association process.

The association process synchronizes between the physical OTP card  - the software rights of  the cardholder.

Upon completion of the pairing process the user will receive a 4-character activation code of their choice which will serve as a fixed prefix for the OTP password.


For members of the Hebrew University faculty who do not hold an OTP card, you can identify yourself via SMS to connect to Samba. Click here to receive an SMS message New


Once the card has been assigned, the OTP password can be an alternative password for many university systems.

Who needs a card?

Any administrative or academic staff member whose job requires a connection to a university system which uses advanced security privleges.

External suppliers that need to access a university server or staff that require access to office personal computers or other secured systems from home.

How to purchase and receive an OTP card:

There are employees and students who receive an OTP card from their departments:

  • Administrative personnel who handle budgets and finances and/or access administrative servers receive their card from their departmental coordinator.
  • Students at the School of Engineering and Computer Science receive a card on loan from their school.

The price for the card is 400 ILS

Computer coordinators and other workers can purchase an OTP card via budgetary transfer. To arrange, please contact Tamar Arbeli Tel - 02-6584217.

On the Edmond Safra campus the association and registration process will be arranged by: Tamar Arbeli or Sharon Azrad tel: 02-6584217

On the Mount Scopus campus association and registration process will be arranged by: Dina Shrem Aroch Tel: 02-5881108