Staff Payroll System

Under the direction of the Division for Human Resources two computerized payroll systems operate within the University.

The first system provides the employee on-line access to pay slips and forms as well as on-line access for employees to report vacation and sick days.

The second provides access for academic staff to report vacation and sick days.

The systems are not managed by the Computing Division, but our customer service department will assist when there are difficulties in the connection process.

For assistance in any other matters please consult your departmental manpower assistant.

Please note:

  • Both systems use the same username and password
  • Usernames consist of the users’ full 9 digits ID number (including the control digit). 
  • Users will be requested to change their password every 3 months.


Obtaining a Password and Password Recovery

Each new employee is assigned a university email address when they begin working.

New users can sign in into the system only after they have been assigned an email address and have received their first pay slip.

To obtain a first-time password or recover a forgotten password the user will need to do the following:

  • Enter the Malam Payroll website.
  • Press “Forgot Password” at the bottom of the page.
  • Malam will send a temporary password to your university email address.
  • After receiving the password re-enter the website and use your temporary password to enter the system.
  • You will be taken to a screen which will request a password change.
  • Once you have chosen a new password you will be transferred the relevant system.


Logging into the Employee Payroll System

Enter the Malam website and enter correct information in the following fields:

  • Company: Do not change the information in this field, and if it does not appear, you should write 6500
  • ID number: Unlike most university systems, this is a full 9-digit ID (including the control digit)
  • The password is unique to the human resources systems, meaning it is not your personal code or password another system.


Logging into Academic Staff System for Reporting Absences

  • The username, unlike most university systems, is a full 9-digit ID (including the control digit)
  • The password is unique for the human resources systems, meaning it is not your personal code or password from another system.

login to the statements system



If an error is encountered during a password recovery attempt, please email:

The message should include the error message you received (you can attach a screenshot) and your full 9-digit ID (including the control digit).



Guides and explanations

Producing an electronic 101 form

User guide for viewing pay slips and electronic 101 forms

Link to the “Malam Payroll” website

Explanation on Statements system for sick leave and vacations for academic staff only

For any other problem, please send an email to with details of the problem and a full ID.