File Storage

Active Directory

Each student and staff member (academic or administrative) at the university is entitled to an Active Directory (AD) account   This account can be used to access public computers or office computers which sit on the domain.  Each student account holder receives a personal drive with 500 MB of backed up disk space. Each staff member receives a personal drive with 5Gb backed up disk space. This space is found in drives K or H or J on public computers or domain office computers.

You work with regularly from this drive. The files are backed up and there is version management of files.


Google Drive

Google Drive is Google's cloud service and it allows you to store files on Google's servers. The service is open to faculty, active student, graduates and the pensioners of the Hebrew University.

  • Google Drive is linked to your university Google email.  For information on your university Google email.  
  • You can view the files and manage the drive through the mail.huji site or through  software that can be downloaded to your computer.
  • You can share files with other mail accounts.

Accessing Google Drive through the web interface

Software installation instructions