Secure Access from Home Samba and Rumba VPN


General Information

The Samba  and Rumba VPN services provide students and staff a simple and secure connection from outside the university to the closed university network such as: Access to software and office computers for faculty  as well as for access to public computers for students . 

Electronic journals and full-text university libraries now have a new login method that does not require a VPN. Use the OpenAthens link.

Today there are two ways to connect a VPN to a university - Samba and Rumba. Both methods allow browsing with or without a client installation. Access to these services requires an RA user. It is recommended that you also have an AD username and password that you use to access Savion, public computing or public folders (CC or EKMD).

Administrative staff is required to identify themselves with a password generator card (OTP) or for those who do not have with a one-time password SMS message.

The Rumba service can be accessed directly through the browser Additional information, including client installation-