OpenAthens - a new way to access the library database and full text articles

OpenAthens - A new way to access library databases and full text articles without SAMBA

Now you can access library resorces and articles without SAMBA.

We made the connection for you, all you need to do is find the material you want in the libraries website, and login using Uni credentials (Id number and personal code OR Hujimail address and password).

Please note that the service and design are constantly changing, in order for us to provide the best experiance possible. After the service will settle, the VPN service will be cancelled.


You can get access using one of the following methods:

In the given login page insert your ID number (8 or 9 digits) and personal code (5 digits) OR your Hujimail and its password.


  • Using HUfind, the libraries catalog - you can look under Database search or articles and more.


Google Scholar

Google scholar now also works with OpenAthens. 

If you do not see the sign of the university Findit@HUJI follow these instructions:

1. Click Menu (3 horizontal bars) and open the settings
2. Select the settings menu in library links and type in the search box: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem -Findit @ HUJI
3. Check the boxes shown in the picture:


Now when searching for an article you will find Findit@HUJI
The identification window (login with ID and personal code) will appear once in each login.



Direct access to databases

If you saved in a browser a specific database address, in order to have direct access with HUJI ONE LOGIN:

1. Please follow the MyAthens link
2. The list of HUJI databases will appear on the screen
3. Click CTRL + F to search for the link in question