Mailing Lists


Bulk emailing and university regulated lists

What is bulk email?

Email with the same or similar content sent to at least 100 recipients within 24 hours


Is it possible to send a bulk e-mail from a personal computer mail program?

No! It is forbidden to send bulk email  from a private HujiMail account. Such results of action could put the University on "black lists," causing rejection of any mail leaving the institution, thereby causing great harm to the university community.


Can bulk email be sent for academic and administrative purposes (even to more than 200 recipients)?

Only through the university's distribution systems.


How to send bulk email for academic / administrative purposes?

There are two email distribution systems:

  1. Email students / employees within the university for administrative purposes only -
  • The system is open to the administration. For more information contact Amir Bitan, Computerized Information Systems
  • One-off Distributions on Other Issues - The application for email distribution depends on the approval of the university secretary general.

      2. Using for the following purposes:

  • Academic purposes
  • University associations and groups (free of charge)
  • Advertising various university-related activities or events
  • Local Distributions (faculty or department level)

University List Server:


  • The email distribution request depends on the permission of the computation authority
  • Mail distribution is limited to 4000 recipients
  • Attachment size is limited to 1 MB


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  • Signing Terms of Use Document