The Hebrew University of Jerusalem provides customers with a large number of computer services.  Each service group has an authenication method that includes its own user name and password.  

Common Methods of Authentication at the University: 


Personal code - registration system for courses dormatories and more. 
Microsoft-AD (Active Directory) - This account is  used for connecting  to university computers (office and public computers), staff mail-Savion, access to Microsoft services including the 365 agreement, MyPlace services, access to applications and more.
Remote Access (RA)  - Connection to campus wireless networks, connection to secure network from home VPN/Samba and more.
One Time Password generator card (OTP) - It's added to other forms of authentication and gives more privileges in different systems including budgets and etc. 
Payroll system for staff - Viewing online salaries, reporting vacation days and more.
NEW  Guest registration form - This form is for the use of departmental secretaries.  The form is designed to streamline the guest registration process to the university computer system in order to open access to visitors, to these systems. These systems include personal code, remote access and e-mail. Access to each system will be given according to need and privilege.

EKMD Accounts - Accounts that were opened in the past on the Ein Karem campus, today no new accounts are opened .