Microsoft 365 AD (Active Directory) Account

Microsoft 365 AD Account

Microsoft 365 AD accounts are used for all Microsoft services at the Hebrew University. An account is automatically opened for all staff members and students and is used for the following services:

  • Savion email for administrative staff  ( addresses are in the format
  • Access to office work stations and lab and public computers  (Access to the CC domain)

  • Access to the MyPlace service

  • In addition, the account allows administrative staff and students to access Microsoft 365 services, and for STEM students to access Azure programs. It is also used for SP applications (for example, the scholarship system).  When making a SP application the username  format is: CC \ username.

Administrative staff: To access Microsoft 365 services use the username format:

Active students:To access Microsoft 365 services use the username format:

SP Applications: Users should use the format CC\username

Each AD account is also provided with a network folder for personal use. These folders undergoes daily backups .

Working on Public Computers

To access the computer you will need to login using your AD username and a password. If you cannot see the login page click on Ctrl+Alt+Delete. 

Once you have successfully logged in, a list of available drives can be seen by clicking on MY PC icon.

New students or current students who have forgotten their username or password, can reset them by clicking on the link which appears on the screen below the text boxes.

Don't forget to log out when you finnish working  by clicking on Log Off.
To do this, go to start -> click on Log Off.

Open an account

Upon registration of the account, a user name and password will be provided to the University's computer services. Registration is required through our website: Note: Users from the computer sciences do not need to register

Registration Site:

  • The site is accessible via the university's network, wireless network and any other network. To open a user, select the Open/Reopen an account for HAVOT and Homedir    
  • When connecting to the system, enter an I.D number, and the 5 digit personal code as it appears in the Student Payment Book. You need to enter a verification code as shown in the image.

  • A valid email box is required.
  • Registration form: You will be asked to fill out your phone number and a verification question for password recovery. Remember your answer.
Change Password
  • You'll receive an email notification to remind you to change your password in time. We recommend changing your password every three months. You can change the password through our website:
  • The new password can not be the same as one of the last five passwords.
  • CS users do not have to change their passwords through this system but through local support.

Reset Password

There are two ways to reset a password if forgotten:

  • Manual reset - You can reset the password yourself from any computer on the network. Please visit:, click: Username and Password Recovery enter your ID without a control digit and personal code to get your username and set a new password.
  • Reset via support - call the support center (02-5883450) to reset your password. You will be required to provide the phone number and answer to a verification question as entered at the time of registration. You will then receive temporary access and a new password that can be changed at our website:
  • CS users do not have to change their passwords through this system but through local support.