Working from Home, Administrative Staff

Administrative staff can access almost all administrative systems from home, without the need for local installations or remotely accessing their office computer by using the virtual computer  - MyPlace.  

MyPlace requires a VPN connection,  Rumba VPN (recommended) or Samba VPN. Administrative staff are required to authenticate with a password generator (OTP) or for those who do not have a password generator a one-time password via SMS message.

To access this service directly through a browser, go to: Learn more about MyPlace.


Many services can be accessed individually from your home computer. See the list below:

Services that can be accessed through a browser with no need for VPN 



Teams discussion groups,

SAP portal

OpenAthens - for access to databases 



Services that can be accessed through a browser after VPN Connection

Open Scholar

Mancham- The program for managing labratory chemicals (must have Internet Explorer browser)

SAP-GUI - Requries installation on the local computer plus VPN requires or OTP authentitcation.

As mentioned above, the virtual administrative computer service - MyPlace includes access to all the services indicated above as well as other systems including: Magic, Mamka, PowerTerm, personal and shared network drives and more.


Remote Access to Office Computers

Remote access to office computers will soon be blocked. In exceptional cases we will continue to allow the use of Remote Desktop on administrative staff computers. Remote access to office computers will only be available to computers that that the computer coordinator has defined as suitable for remote control.

Leaving office computers  on when not in use is not recommended.

In order to access your office computer remotely go to  On your desktop you will see a remote desktop icon.  Use this Icon to enter your office computer remotely

Alternatively you can use the Corona  terminal to server. To use access using  corona:

1. Connect using Samba VPN authenticating with a OneTime Password generator 

2. Browse to

3. Authenticate with cc\username  where username is savion username. Use your savion password


When selecting "Remote Desktop Connection", after clicking on the download link and in the window where you click on the destination computer address: Click on More Options, select the Experience tab, and there in the drop-down list select High Speed ​​Boardband.