Installation and User Guides


Installing Adobe Creative Cloud Programs Including Individual Installations of Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat and Illustrator



EndNote 20 Windows

EndNote 20 (Mac OS)

EndNote X9 (Windows)

EndNote X9.3 (Mac OS)




Renewing Jmp Windows and Macintosh



MATHTYPE 6.9 (Windows)

Mathtype 7 (Windows)



Mathematica 13 Standalone (Windows)

Mathematica 13 Standalone (Mac OS)

Mathematica 10 Standalone (Linux)


Mathematica 13 Network (Windows)

Mathematica 13 Network (Mac OS)

Mathematica 10 Network (Linux)




MATLAB Campus Wide Suite.

Two new components have been added for the use of the general Hebrew University population:

1. MATLAB Academic Online Training Suite - Campus-wide access to 18 online courses, students learn the essential development and research skills based on MathWorks technology.  To use click here. If you do not already have one, you will need to create a MathWorks account using your university email address.

2. MATLAB Grader - This Platform provides the teachers the ability to create interactive course assignments, and automatically grade student work. This component also includes LMS integration (e.g. with Moodle though this not yet supported at Hebrew University). Grader help lecturers to shorten the distance between them and their students, by offering ways to provide continuous feedback and by allowing to monitor the progress of the class.You can also check out this link and read how the use of MATLAB Grader at MIT University increases student engagement in MOOC Online Courses.


MATLAB R2021b Standalone (Windows)

MATLAB R2021b Standalone (Mac OS)

MATLAB R2018b Standalone (Linux)


MATLAB R2021b Network (Windows)

MATLAB R2021b Network (Mac OS)

MATLAB R2018b Network (Linux)


MATLAB Standalone Renewal


Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2021 Windows- Installation Guide

Microsoft Office 2021 Mac OS - Installation Guide




Origin 2022 Standalone

Origin 2022 Network



Parallels 15



SnapGene 6.0.0 Windows

SnapGene 6.0.0 Macintosh



SPSS 28 Windows

SPSS 27 Windows

SPSS 25 (Windows)

SPSS 27 Mac OS

SPSS 25 (Mac OS)



ChemDraw Professional 20.1 Windows

ChemDraw Professional 20.1 Macintosh