Getting started

start working

Once you have an AD username and password
When you arrive to the computer, you will see the following entrance screen:

win 10 login


In the top line you must enter your username, and in the bottom line - the password, to continue - click OK. Now, the computer will connect to the university network. This process may take some time. Please wait patiently. (Each student and faculty member is entitled to a personal user account. Do not use other people's codes. In the event of a malfunction, please advice a counseling position).

Access to a list of courses

When the computer is turned on, access to drive j is possible (the drive is used by the lecturers to leave material for the students to browse). after the computer is up and running follow the next steps:
1) Go to the more applications folder on the desktop

2) Select the course mapping folder and click on the file inside.
course mapping
At this stage you can choose a course number, in case any lecturer has told you to do so (optional). After selecting the course number, wait a few seconds. Tapping drive J, below, will allow you to access the files kept by the lecturer for the course students.


The drive will appear on this pc

this pc

end of work

When you have finished working on your computer: Exit using the "Start" key, then select Restart. It is not possible to work on several stations at the same time, therefore, if you did not perform a proper shutdown, on your next entry, you may encounter an error message.



  • Please make sure you have not forgotten a Disk on key on your computer, or any personal equipment.
  • If you have forgotten an object, please contact a counseling station and / or the security center.


If you have forgotten / found any object in the computer farm, you should contact the counseling stations.
1) Credit cards that have been forgotten in the computer center will be collected in a safe at the farm managers.
2) Personal equipment will be kept for a number of days at the counseling station and will be transferred to the Security Department.
The Security Department instruction are not leave personal files and belongings unattended!