Installation Instructions Office 2021 Windows


  • Supported systems: Windows 10
  • Uninstall any previous versions of Office including versions that came with new computers.
  • You will need an internet connection to install.

Unzip the file that you received from the Microshop.

Click here to open a Windows guide on how to do it

Warning: Do not install from within the zip file!

Step 1:

  • Click on the version you wish to install 32 or 64 bit. Legacy add-ons from other applications might not work with the 64-bit version.

Choose office version


Step 2:

  • You will received the following screen. Wait for Office to finish installing

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Step 3:

  • Wait while Office installs

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Step 4:


  • Click Close. Office is installed.
  • You will need to activate your product.

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Step 5:


  • To Activate Office open Word.
  • Open a new document.
  • Click on File.
  • Click on Account.


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Step 6:

  • Click on Change Product Key.

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Step 7:


  • Enter the product key that was sent to you from the Microshop
  • Press Activate

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