Installation Instructions Origin 2022 Network

Installation Notes:

  • Supported Operating Systems: 64-bit Microsoft, Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Your computer MUST be connected to the Internet during the entire installation process
  • Only 64 bit version is supported

Step 1

Unzip the file you received the MicroShop

From within the extracted folder double click on the file setup.exe.

Step 2

Click Next

Welcome to Origin installation

Step 3

Mark I accept terms  of the license agreement

Click Yes

License Agreement

Step 4

  • Select Install Product (requires serial number)

  • Click Next


Step 5

  • User Name: Type your full name
  • Company Name: Type huji
  • Serial Number: Type the serial number that was sent to you.
  • Click Next


Step 6


  • Specify destination directory
  • Click Next

Specify Installation directory

Step 7

Click Yes


Step 8

Click Next

Select features

Step 9

  • Select All Users
  • Click Next


Step 10

Click Next

Select Program folder

Step 11

Click Next



Step 12

  • Click on  Finish

finish installation



Step 13

Open OriginPro 2022

Step 14

Click OK

Specify user file folder

Step 14

  • The serial number should be displayed.
  • Under Flexlm Server enter:
  • Under TCP/IP Port enter:
  • Click Update

Add license information