Installation Instructions SnapGene 6.0.0 Windows


Supported Systems: Windows 7 and above

License: Valid until January 16, 2023

Step 1

Unzip the file that you received from the MicroShop and double click on snapgene_6.0.0_win.exe.

Step 2

Choose installation directory

Click on Next

Step 3 

Click on I Agree

I agree to license agreement

Step 4

Choose components

Click on Next

Choose products to install

Step 5

Click on Install


Choose start menu folder

Step 6

Mark Run SnapGene

Click on Finish

Complete SnapGene installation

Step 7

Click on Agree

Agree to enduser license agreement

Step 8

Enter the requested information:


Email Address:

Group Name:The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Division for Computation Communication and Information 

Registration Code: Sent to you by the MicroShop 


Enter Registration Information