Academic Staff


E-teaching is open without the need to connect samba, all lessons will be conducted via Moodle.
Live lessons and recordings using ZOOM and Panopto Information for lecturers appears on the Yahel website  and in Moodle guides for lecturers.


Access to databases

OpenAthens - access to databases - which does not require a connection to Samba -
Access to Google Scholar is currently via


Almareader - Reading software

Alamareader is a Reading software in Hebrew and English for the university to use during all of second semester - reads WORD, PDF documents, e-mail pages and websites while controlling the reading speed, voice type and the option to save the audio text as an MP3 audio file for listening at a time and place that suits you. -


Computerized Information Systems

The Hebrew University has a number of computerized information systems for the use of  academic staff.  It provides assistance in connecting to the systems including solving problems of entry and authorizations.
The Microshop is a virtual store for downloading and purchasing software and password generators (OTP). The store is for the use of university staff, both academic and administrative.
Purchasing software can only be done through university budgetary transfer. The Microshop prices are reduced for academia, and software purchased through the store is for academic and administrative purposes only.


Shortcut for purchasing software and OTP card Designated for those with University budget More information and installation guides

academic_personalinfo Student Administration Teachers System

 Teachers system for viewing teaching assessments, exam tracking, message delivery and distribution of grades

academic_personalinfo Syllabus Update System

 Course requirements must be entered each year in Hebrew and English

academic_personalinfo Budget activity in the Older System

 The older system is open for viewing old research budgets, commitments and reimbursements

academic_personalinfo Order items from warehouse

 The older system for issuing requirements from the supply department is currently open for viewing only