Remote Connection to Public Computers

Hebrew University students have the privlege to remotely connect to the computer farm computers and use their software. This allows students to connect from anywhere on campus or at home 24 hours a day and enjoy the applications installed on the computers.

To connect you must have a AD  username and password.

!Connection Options to the  Public Computers - Service is up to date and updating daily (last update 2-9-2020)

Work from home on farm software - AZURE (without the need for samba) new

Login through the browser

Login with software Remote desktop connection (improved layout)


Connecting to a virtual machine - new

using this method  one must  connect via Samba - VPN  using a RA  account

Login through the browser:
Login through Vmware Horizon Client software


The option we created during the Corona period are also still active, but not for long using old VDI  or Remote connection to public computers (only when closed) through

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Currently we recommend downloading and installing home-licensed software whenever possible.