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The SAP Support Center works in the Finance Division at the number: 02-5494888

Most financial activities such as: purchase requirements / orders, report receipt of goods and service, Internal procurement between units ("Form 29"), view up-to-date data on budgets and more are carried out through the portal for researchers and administrative staff at
 The rest of the operations will be performed using a SAP / GUI installed by the Authorized Computing coordinators.

Logging into the system

For users with OTP card - login, as is customary today, using ID number + OTP code
For other users - identification using a full university email address (savion or HujiMail) + user password for this address, or using ID number + identification code.

A dedicated support center for the SAP system is operating. This center assists in troubleshooting and answering questions regarding the operation of all processes in SAP: procurement, funds, grants, budgets, permissions, permissions for grants and more.

You can contact this center, in the following ways:

  • Phone - 02-5494888
  • Contact the Support center of the Computing Division by opening a call in the SAP system or at the link: and specifying the subject as SAP related in the category.

 For any problem regarding the installation, identification problems and problems entering the system,