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Savion 2 Step Verification

Two-step Verification in Savion

We have begun a gradual process of transferring all Savion accounts to 2-step verification that provides another layer of security which is vital these days.

Once two-step verification is set up, a two-step login process must be performed. The double procedure detailed below requires a single login time on each device / software / browser, after that the connection is made as usual.

 Important! If there is an automatic forwarding from Savion to another email address, the two-step verification is still required.


Two-step identification procedure:

1. When logging in to OWA (login with full Savyon address) or re-logging in after a tidy exit from outlook (tidy exit from file menu, exit) the following message will appear:



Click Next

2. On the next screen, select Israel dialing area and enter your personal mobile phone number, then select Method in the first option send me a code by text message and click Next


3. A message will be sent to the phone number (SMS) with a code containing 6 digits, type it in the next screen and click on Verify



Note that the responding time is limited, if a long time has passed or you typed the wrong number you will be asked to repeat this step to get a nother message, click Retry:



4. On the next screen - Step 3, click Done



5. Re-identify with the university identification (enter the regular password that you have always used)


6. Enter the newly received code and click Verify



  • The process must be done on every computer / software / browser / mobile phone from which you connect, but after entering the mobile number for the first time in any other software, you will be asked to start directly from the last window (section 6).
  • Outlook 365 software on the mobile phone will ask you to re-enter the password:

אימות דו שלבי


Click Enter. You will be immediately taken to step 5. A Savion email and the password which will be sent to the mobile that was set up in the first time in the message must be entered.

Additional questions / troubleshooting:

Change the incoming mobile number in the File menu -> Account settings -> Application permissions-> Gear (top) -> Additional security authentication -> Update the phone numbers used to secure the account