Connecting with VMware Horizon Client software

To install VMware Horizon Client software go to the following URL:
In the window that opens, select the Install VMware Horizon Client option


In the window that opens, select the Go To Downloads option - in the line of VMware Horizon Client for Windows

Client can also be downloaded to other operating systems.


After clicking, you will be taken to the following window:

Click Download Now


After installing the downloaded file and running it, the following window will appear:

Click on Agree & Install (of course it is recommended to read the terms before agreeing)


Now the installation will start and you have to wait for it to finish

When the message Success appears, click Finish


And select the Restart Now option


Connecting to the system through the Client

The software should be run through the VMware Horizon Client icon that appears on the desktop

  • Do not forget to connect to Samba


The following window will open:

Click on New Server


 Enter and click Connect


You will now be asked to enter identification

You must enter CC\ before the username

For students: Enter the username and password as connected at the computer farm.
For administrative staff: The Savyon username and password must be entered

for further information about the identification credntial click here.


Desktop selection

For students: Farms

Adminestrative staff: Minhali


In the window that appears, select the desired desktop, clicking on it will take you to the remote computer.

To add the local drive to the station, follow the instructions here: Add the local drive to the Myplace station (only in connection with the client)