Distribution of Wireless Communication - Edmond J. Safra Campus

List of buildings

  • Auditorium Wise, Cafeteria
  • Belgium House
  • Maison de Francea
  • Student club (near Sprinzak)
  • Belmonte Science Center
  • Bretter Center
  • Wolfson Building, Life Sciences
  • Berman Bld., Loby
  • Weissman building, Information Systems
  • Levi Bld., Loby
  • Los Angeles Bld, Chemistry (Entire Bldg. except for the 3rd floor)
  • Casali Institue, 2nd floor
  • Silberman Bld. Life Sciences, 4th floor Loby and cafeteria, 3rd floor, 5th floor classrooms
  • Aronberg building,Fritz Haber center
  • Supply bld., Nanotechnology Center, lower floor
  • National Library of Israel Bld.
  • Harman Science Library: Floors: -1, -1A, 1, 2
  • The Institute of Earth Sciences
  • Mathematics building (Manchester)
  • Feldman bld. Hall A and floor 2
  • Sprinzak building
  • Sherman Administration Bldg.
  • Levin blg, Floor -1
  • Teaching Labs Bldg, Floor 0 lobby, Floor 1 lobby & near meetings Room
  • Kaplan Lecture Hall
  • Alberman Bldg.
  • Popick Bldg. - Vaad Ovdim floor

Open Spaces

All the grass lawn from Popick Bld. to Science Bld.

מפת פריסת תקשורת אלחוטית בקמפוס אדמונד י' ספרא