Eduroam – Mac OS 10.7 and above



The Eduroam network enables students, researches and staff to connect to the Internet through a wireless network throughout the university campuses, in Israel and abroad. Click here for Eduroam’s website.



  1. Login account – identification is done by connecting to the university RA account in format
  2. If you do not have one, you can register at, which can be accessed from the HUJI-guest wireless network

Step 1

  • Click on the AirPort key on the top right of the screen
  • Click on Turn AirPort On

תחילת תהליך התחברות לEduroam

Step 2

  • Click again on the AirPort key
  • Choose Eduroam

המשך התחברות לרשת

Step 3

  • Type the RA username and password
  • Please note: you can’t use the OTP password
  • Username format:
  • Click on Join

חיבור ל-eduroam חלון הכנסת שם משתמש וסיסמה

Step 4

Click on Show Certificate

certification for eduroam

Step 5

  • Certificate details:

issued by: AddTrust External CA Root

  • If you see this certificate, check the Always trust these certificates
  • Click on Continue

אישור certification for eduroam

Step 6

  • Type the username and password for the computer
  • Click on Update settings

הכנסת פרטי חשבון המחשב

Step 7

To connect – click the AirPort icon and choose Eduroam

התחברות לרשת

Step 8

In order to check if you are connected correctly, choose Open network preferences

בדיקת החיבור

Step 9

  • Click on the AirPort icon
  • Choose Turn AirPort Off

התנתקות מהרשת