Virtual Store for Staff - Software and OTP Cards


Login to the Staff Software Order System (Microshop)

About the Microshop

  • The Microshop is a virtual store for purchase of software and  password generators (OTP).
  • The a purchase of software can be done only through a university budget transfer.
  • The use of software is intended for academic and administrative staff and its use should be related to their role as a university employee.
  • The Microshop provides products that are high demand such as: Microsoft products and scientific software products such as: Mathematica, Matlab, SPSS and the like
  • Use of software is subject to the license terms of the software provider.
  • Software ordering is carried out through the staff ordering system

Instructions for using the Microshop ordering system

  • You can connect to the system only via the university's network, incuding through Samba VPN.
  • Payment of software may only be done using a university budget.  The budget number must be provided in advance.
  • The person who orders the software must be authorized to use the budget and must Authenticate using their username: first 8 digits of ID; and their Personal code (4 or 5 digits) or via OTP card (password generator)
  • Software can be ordered for other employees/students in a department/lab. The licensee will receive the billing certificate and download link for the software and they can forward the information to the actual user.
  • Technical support: Email:, Tel: 02-5883450
  • Inquiries regarding licenses and special orders: Email:, tel: 02-6586992

Hadassah - Orders

Hadassah doctors with a university subscription may order software through the Microshop but not through the automated system.

Click below for a software price list which includes overhead for converting Hadassah's budget to a university budget.

Download the software price list for Hadassah doctors with an academic subscription

To order the software - 

  1. You must download and fill out a software order form and sign it in the Hadassah Finance Department
  2. The signed form should only be sent by email to the School of Medicine accounting department to:
  3. You will receive a link to download the software by email

OTP Card Purchase

  • A password generator card generates a one-time password and the displays the password on the card display
  • The card will only be usable after the site affiliation process. The card is personal and non-transferable
  • For more information about the card, visit the OTP cards page
  • The card price is 350 NIS. Password generator can be purchased at Tamar Arbeli's phone: 02-6584217 by budget transfer only


Installation and User Guides