distribution of Public and Wireless Computing on the Rehovot Campus

Computer Center

Computer Center Occupancy - Main Hall

Computer Center Occupancy - training room and multimedia stations


Computer rooms - Aaronson Building

There are 3 computer labs on campus. Laboratories are only allowed to be used when not in operation Including a frontal lesson. Laboratories 16 and 17 are located in the Aaronson Building and Laboratory 18 (quiet classroom) Located on the second floor of the YCA building.

Classroom 16 is open 24 hours a day, and classes 17 and 18 are open every day until midnight.



Internet cafe and dormitories


Locating a vacant computer station on the Rehovot campus

In order to find a vacancy on campus, you can go to this site, select the desired class and look for a vacancy.

To check if there is a free class you can go to the following website: Computer ClassRooms.

Each student can now connect their laptop to a public outlet and connect to the Internet only. Public outlets exist in Aaronson classrooms and computer farms. The sockets have a red marking.


Deployment of a wireless network on the Rehovot campus