Language Laboratories

The computer center in the language laboratories is responsible for teaching languages ​​by technological means: audio, video and computers. At the same time, the laboratories are also involved in the broader aspect of teaching through technology: in creating curriculam, in setting up and maintaining websites, in providing teaching equipment through technology and more. The laboratories continue to provide services to the Faculty of Humanities in the field of Loaning teaching aids, and in addition provide the lecturers with equipment for converting study materials to digital format: video to DVD, audio to audio files (mp3), slide to image files (jpg) and more. also the issue of lending equipment for teaching through technology in the Faculty of Humanities. Today, the equipment in the laboratories includes a wide range of projectors: from computer, video and projectores. In addition, the lecturers provide equipment for converting study materials to digital format: video to DVD, audio to audio files (mp3), slide to image files (jpg) and more. Following the installation of amplification and projection equipment in the faculties of the Faculty of Humanities, the language laboratories also function as a telephone assistance center for teachers who teach in the classrooms.

Also in the language laboratories there is also a computer classroom for self-work similar to the classrooms in the computer centers.


Location and opening hours

Language laboratories from places in block 3, Faculty of Humanities. The computer class is number 2328.

Hours of operation and reception:
Sundays-Thursdays: 8: 00-18: 00
The self-study class is available at all university hours!


Teaching aids

The equipment in the language laboratories is divided into two: equipment that is permanently located in the language laboratories, and equipment that can be borrowed by the teachers for teaching in the classrooms.
The equipment can be ordered at the Language Laboratories Library face-to-face, by phone
Tel. 5883988, Tel. 5881729, or by email

Every applicant must take equipment from the laboratories, sign a commitment form to take care of the safety of the equipment.
The equipment is taken from the Language Laboratories Library, Room 2311, and must be returned to the Language Laboratories Library. A teacher who wishes to receive equipment for a fixed day and time throughout the semester, is requested to send an e-mail request letter to the director of the language laboratories before the beginning of the semester:


Explanations for operating the equipment installed in the classrooms

The lecturer must receive instruction on the equipment in advance, whether it is mobile equipment or instruction on the operation of existing equipment in the classroom. The language laboratories function as a telephone center, which can be contacted for telephone assistance during the lesson. Whenever possible a supporter will come to help the class.

Contact us and for more information

For more information, suggestions and comments - you can contact the laboratory staff who are working at all hours of operation
Phone: 02-5881729, 02-5883988
Fax: 02-5882005
And by email:


Mail address

Language Laboratories
Division of Computing, Communications and Information (Mount Scopus Branch)
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 91905.