Samba VPN

לדף בעברית



What is the Samba-VPN service?

VPN services enable staff and students remote access to the Univerisity's academic resources, such as: e-journals, libraries' databases etc.

Access via Samba requires a RA account. If further detail see remote access.

It is possible to connect to the University resources with authentication only, without installing an application, but for regular use and ease of access to all the databases it is advised to install the program.

Use of the Connection Application for Samba

Samba uses a program from Cisco called Cisco Any Connect.  Once connected via this program, it is possible to access databases contracted for use within the Univerisity.

Instructions for downloading and use.


Web Access Without  Program Installation / WebVPN

Web-VPN - enables browsing to sites that require  RA authentication using the site:

Important Notice: Web-VPN is an unstable service that does not always function as expected, for this reason we recommend the VPN-client for regular usage.