Social Science Farm

Location and opening hours


The Social Sciences Farm (Agnes Gings Computer Center) is located in Block 7 Society, near the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The farm has convenient access for the disabled as well as cafeterias near the center.


Opening hours throughout the academic year


Sunday 09: 00-22: 00

Monday - Wednesday 08: 00-22: 00

Thursday 08: 00-19: 00


Schedule of computer farm classrooms in the social sciences


During the summer holidays (August - until the start of the school year)

Sunday 09: 00-16: 00

Monday - Thursday 08: 00-16: 00


For vacancies at social science farm



Work areas

Work areas in the center - There are a total of 3 main work areas on the farm:

  1. Open areas:
    1. Hall for working in groups - the hall is located at the entrance to the farm and has 44 positions.
    2. Individual work hall - the hall is located at the far end of the farm with 36 positions
    3. 18 multimedia stands located in the hall for individual work. In each position there is a scanner and a burner.
    4. Accessibility position.
  2. Classes:
    1. Class 8 - contains 49 student positions + lecturer position.
    2. Class 9 - contains 35 student positions + lecturer position.

Each classroom has a projector, control software (Radix), amplification system (speakers + microphone) and an erasable board.



At your disposal is a printer room with:


4 Duplex black and white laser printers.

1 Color laser printer for transparencies.

1 color laser printer.

1 copier.


Keyboards in different languages

The operating system installed on all farm computers supports Hebrew, English, Arabic and Russian. Arabic keyboards are installed in the hall for group work.

Arabic keyboards at positions SN 30 –SN 50 in the open.

Keyboards in Russian can be found at stations SN 7 - SN 30 in the open area.


The counseling station

Located between the 2 halls. The consulting team is at your disposal for any problem concerning the printers, computers and software installed in them.


Please note that the farm services are located outside the farm in a company corridor.


Teachers' lounge

At your disposal is a teachers' room where you can work and have reception hours, as well as lockers for storing belongings.

The room is located near the counseling station.