Working from Home, University Staff and Students

May 26, 2021

Secure Access, Rumba VPN VPN service that allows access to university computation services without the need for a preliminary installation.  It also miniimizes network overloadand causes fewer disconnections.

Rumba allows for staff administrative to connect to  administrative programs and access network personal and shared drives ( CC | EKMD). It also allows for students and lecturers to connect to public computers.

Rumba s also more convievient for you use of the vitrual computer system, the system that replaced Corona systems (administrative software) and  MyDesktop server that was used for work on public computers.

In order to use MyPlace you will need to connect using your AD username and password, the account that is used for using public computers (CC or EKMD)

To use Rumba your will need to use your RA account. 

In additon, for systems that are more sensitive, users need to authenticate with a One Time Password card.  Administrative staff without a OTP card can authenticate using a one time password via SMS.  It is possible to connect to each service individually.

For more information

Programs which can be accessed from Home without VPN - 



Teams discussion groups 

 Access to Databases  via OpenAthens 

SAP Portal

Online teaching and learning:

  • Connecting to Moodle- Information and guides appear on the Moodle homepage.
  • Information for lecturers  and question and answer forum (in hebrew)
  • Information for students in the Moodle course number 129.
  • Accessibility - Alma-Reader -University oral reading software that reads both Hebrew and English. -  Orally reads WORD and PDF documents, email messages and websites while allowing for the control of reading speed and voice type.  It provides an option to save text as a MP3 audio file for future listening.

Academic Software for Students and Faculty

In addition to virtual machines, students can download the following software packages to their personal computers: Office 365, SPSS, Matlab, ARC GIS, and MathematicaFaculty can purchase these programs via the Microshop.


Support Center

  • whatsapp For WhatsApp Enter the following number as a contact: 052-588-6733.

  • Business hours Sunday-Thursday between 08:00-20:00

It is also possible to contact us by calling 5883450, on Facebook HujiPCSupport, our referral system or by email